Adding a New Image Gallery

  1. Log-in to your Actolio Website Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the “Image Galleries” section within the left hand navigation area and select “Add New Image Gallery”
  3. Give the new gallery a title
  4. Set the featured image for this gallery. This will be the image that is used to represent your gallery on the main “Image Galleries” page
  5. Select “Add Image” at the bottom of the gallery field.
  6. A pop-up box will display that will allow you to quickly add all your images to your gallery.
  7. Simply drag and drop your images from your computer to the gallery.
  8. Once added, drag and drop your images within the gallery to change the order in which they display.

Your Image Gallery will now display on the “Image Galleries” page of your site.

Don’t like the name “Image Galleries”? Quickly change the name of that page for your site
Want to add more than one Image Gallery? Upgrade to the Pro version and display as many as you like.

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